Monday, November 24, 2008



To enter my contest and win this set of 4 wood stocking ornaments - add a comment to this post telling me your favorite part of Christmas.

This give away will run until November 30th, at which time I will have my son pick a name from my santa hat at breakfast. The ornaments will be mailed that day to the lucky winner and hopefully she will have them by Christmas.

Good Luck!! And I hope to see lots of comments! Anyone who entered in the original post - has their name in the santa hat ready to be picked.


  1. oh I Love handpainted ornaments.. and these are fantastic. Please enter me into your drawing.. thank you and Happy Holidays

  2. What beautiful ornaments. Please enter me in your drawing.

    My favorite thing about Christmas is the togetherness I feel during this time. Seems like life is just flying by, one day your kids are born and the next they have become teenagers and you wonder who's idea it was to have them, hmmmmm.
    But there is just something about the holidays that bring out the good in even the weirdest teenager, lol. You feel close again, happy and it is a day of laughter and sometimes tears(especially if your youngest didn't get what she ask for from santa, oops, hey santa has 4 kids you know, write it down, I know).
    I love putting the tree up together as a family and going through each ornament and remembering the year it was bought, or wondering who packed them away and forgot to mark breakable on the box and broke them all, then that leads to a fun game of put all the pieces together again and see if you get a whole ornament, lol.....
    Thanks for you give away and Happy Holidays.

  3. Please enter me in your drawing!
    My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve church services when everyone celebrates the real meaning of Christmas.
    If you get a chance you might check out my blog & enter my giveaway.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  5. Audrey dear,
    what a great idea!! I would love to be entered in your giveaway!!

    The best part of Christmas for me is remembering Christmas's past!! My favorite was one when I was 5. After being at Christmas eve with my grandparents on my moms side... we came home tired, and ready for sleep, only to find that Santa had already been to our house!! Under the tree were all of these wonderful wooden items, two baby doll beds, (one for me and my sister) a barn (my brother) and a small dresser (for us girls)! Oh how I still love these items!! I since found out that my grandfather (dad's dad) played Santa that nite, and he also made all of those wonderful wooden items!! I think of both my dad and granddad everytime I see these!! Which I have!! My granddad has been gone since 1971 (I was 12) and dad has been gone since 1979 (19 years old) It has been a long time that I have missed them... but I will always have those memories!! Those are what makes Christmas special to me!!
    Thank you for letting me ramble on. And thanks too for the memories.

    I hope you and yours have as wonderfully blessed day, as you just gave to me!!

    Happy Thanksgiving too!! :D

  6. My favorite part of Christmas is getting together with family. Nothing beats that. :)
    Love your work, Audrey!

  7. I love this Blog, you have beautiful things. !! I love the tree, and the Little Jesus like a child with his Mom, is beautiful!!
    and I love be all in family the Christmas night!!! Enter me into your drwning!!!Pleaseee!!!!! xxGloria!


Thank you for entering! Good Luck!!