Monday, January 26, 2009

*HELP!! My Tote is Empty!*

My birthday is in April and I would like to have the "Biggest Birthday Giveaway", but I need some help.

The prize is this tote:

or one like it if this sells, with piles of goodies from different Shops that have donated an item. Each donation will get it's own picture with a short write-up on your shop and a link to your shop. Plus - in the rules to winning the Grand Prize - will be instructions to go to the shops listed and come back to my blog and tell me what they liked.

The Give Away will run for the whole month of April. I plan on promoting promoting promoting like mad and have found some give away blogs to list it on that get quite a bit of traffic.

So - if your are interested in helping me celebrate my Birthday with this awesome give away - Please email me!! (the link is on the left sidebar) I would need to receive the item by the end of March - So I can get the pic onto the give away post.

**~~I will be also be picking a name from all the contributers - that person will receive a special prize from me!!~~**


  1. Hi- I'd love to contribute an ACEO, but I can't find your email on your blog. You can email me at:

    and we'll go from there. Thanks!

  2. MY favorite tote! I love it! I can just imagine all the things I would stick in there and carry around.


  3. Beautiful tote!

    I'll have to come up with something. Feel free to check out our shop and let me know what you think would be good :)

  4. The Pocket Mirror Koi.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I loved the KITTY ON PINK - Scrabble Tile Pendant, Chain and Gift Tin as well as the Japanese Washi Butterfly Pocket Mirror and the Dragonfly Pocket Mirror as well!


Thank you for entering! Good Luck!!