Friday, February 27, 2009

April Give Aways!!

Items have started coming in for my Birthday Give Away, which will take place in April!! 
Here's what has arrived so far: 

This beautiful picture is taken and donated by Maggies Studio. Maggie takes the most amazing pictures of nature, plants & flowers, animals & birds, and also black & white photos. This framed photo is one of my favorites.

Cara from Bovine Bubbles and Hog Wash has donated a wonderful smelling pillar candle (Bayberry Mint), a jar of her Kiwi Lime Daiquiri Jam, Udderly Scentsational Little Smelly Wax Things (Cinnamon Stix), and a tin with Fig & Melon Cream Perfume. Cara also has the most wonderful soaps and lotions.

Adorn Yourself sent this lovely handmade spoon rest and the cute Stoneware Pottery Inuksuk Sculpture. You can find bookmarks, sculptures, jewelry, and pottery in this wonderful shop.

This lovely necklace comes to you from Jodaycraf. She has the most wonderful handmade and vintage jewelry!! An amazing selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more.

The Muddy Moose has donated some wonderful Solid Lotion bars ( Sweet Innocence & Clean Cotton), along with 2 Lip Butters (Devil's Food Cake & Juicy Pineapple). They also have amazing Goat's Milk soap, massage candles etc. She will be starting a Vegan friendly line soon!!

These amazing cards are donated by KaHolly's. This shop has cards, magnets, coasters, note cards and much more. The picture on this set of cards is amazing!!

Got these awesome hair sticks from String Me Along. A wonderful shop with an amazing variety of items. Earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and necklaces.

Two more entries!!

Blueberry Cobbler Skin Softening Salt Soak is brought to you by Heathen's Hearth, where you can buy the most amazing bath salts, soaps, body frostings, gift baskets etc.

Spring Bouquet Goat's Milk Soap in a really cute chick shape is from Happy Goat Soap. This shop has soaps in the most wonderful shapes, a massage bar, shaving soap and much more!!

This lovely rice bag comes from geschichten von kat a lovely shop on etsy. Kat has pot holders, rice bags (this one smells wonderful), and many vintage items. Lovely shop!!

Just came this week!!

These items are from Sallie Bear, a shop with amazing crocheted items - hats, scarves, coin purses, cowls and more.

And Prairie Blossom, a shop with a wonderful selection of items. Everything from bags, jewelry, and pouches. She has donated the earrings and bracelet.

There is more to come!!

I've also started collecting items for the give away prize that all the contributers will be entered into. Some items I've made, some I've traded for and some I have bought. Here are a few:

Chocolate Exfoliation Body wash, Morning Rush body soap sample, Whipped Butter-Cream Sugar Scrub in Pistachio and Thunder Thighs.

Tahitian Tangerine Green Tea, and Pillow Fights & Slumber Parties soap.

Two solid perfumes in "Ume" and "Rice Flower" scents that I purchased from Midohana.

Hand painted canvas (8" x 10") done by me:

Just got these and few other things in the mail from Chrysler Creek in a trade. I know - the candle is in a snowman cup - but I love candles and snowmen! (it is my birthday give away after all). The candle is soy, and the Bath Fizzies are Vanilla-Ylang Ylang (what's a Ylang?). They smell awesome.



  1. This is exciting! I can't wait... isn't shipping these items going to cost u a lot, tho?

  2. Yes - Shipping will be a killer I'm sure. But I only have a b-day once a year so I'll try this for this year.
    Could always have the winner pay the shipping! (LOL) or not.

  3. I am getting excited!
    I can't wait to 'celebrate' with you somehow on your bday! Thanks so much!

  4. Can I still win even if I donated? All the items are so exciting and lovely!!

  5. I am glad that you liked my products! A ylang-ylang is a small flower off of a cananga tree. It is one of the most widely used oils in perfumes and men's cologne. It gives a delicate sweet scent. This is one of my favorite scents to work with!

  6. ohhh what a fabulous selection of goodies! Lip butters and stoneware and so much more!

  7. How exciting - and what great items.

  8. Wow! What a fantastic offering from everyone to help you celebrate! Please put my name in and check out my giveaway....not near this awesome giveaway but I'm new to the world of blogging!

    candy xo

  9. I like the butterfly flower soap - what cool soaps


Thank you for entering! Good Luck!!