Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magic Bean Lotion

Congratulations Stephy!!

A while back I entered a Give Away for some lotion. I am addicted to lotion! My hands are so very dry in the fall and winter, probably because of the cold dry weather we have in the middle of Canada. Well, as you may have guessed I won the Give Away and received this bottle of lotion in the mail.
After only using the lotion for a few days, my hands were amazing! No more itching from the dryness, even the skin around my fingernails was so much softer, and a little lotion goes a long way. One drop the size of a pea will do both hands quite nicely. The first time I tried the lotion and pushed the pump like I would with other lotions, got what I thought was the right amount, then went to look for a towel :) It also smells really nice, not over powering at all. Love the hint of chocolate! (this is a picture of my lotion - the winner will receive a FULL bottle - I've been using mine daily!)

Of course I went to check out the site for this lotion and found out some great information about the company and their products. I contacted them about giving away a bottle of lotion to one of my readers, so someone else could see how wonderful this lotion really is. They agreed! Let me tell you a bit more about this company. Organic products have become quite important to me, don't want to put more chemicals on or in me than necessary. All of Cocoon Apothecary products are organic.

Skin is the largest organ of your body and benefits from natural organic ingredients in the same manner that your entire body benefits from eating a wholesome diet rich in fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. These nourishing botanical ingredients contain high levels of vitamins, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that work in sync with each other to rejuvenate and replenish the outer layers of your skin. Organic ingredients are proven to have higher levels of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and anti-oxidants than their conventionally-grown counterparts resulting in better performing skin care products.

When I received the lotion I noticed that the bottle was glass. This is the first lotion that I've used that came in a glass bottle, but Jessica explains why:
Cocoon Apothecary uses glass bottles for environmental reasons, health reasons, and to extend the shelf life of our products. We use amber glass to prevent sun exposure that may degrade the therapeutic properties of the botanicals inside.

Also all their products are Vegan & Cruelty Free! Nothing has been tested on animals. Cocoon Apothecary has much more than just MAGIC BEAN lotion. They carry everything you might need for your face, body and feet. Jessica also has a wonderful Blog where she explains more about her products.

Cocoon Apothecary will be sending one lucky reader a bottle of the amazing MAGIC BEAN ORGANIC BODY LOTION!


A pure chocolate lotion created with organic cocoa butter that delivers rich hydration to your skin. Magic Bean contains regenerative fatty acids and nourishing vitamins that work wonders for after-sun care and dry winter skin. Vanilla and coffee essential oils are added to create an authentic chocolate scent.



Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!


Bell Design


Bell Design is a wonderful shop with amazing pocket mirrors and magnets! I especially love the magnets with inspirational words! Wonderful!! I was thrilled when Linda contacted me about doing a give away. But first - here is what Linda has to say about her self and her shop!

A little about me…

My name is Linda and I live in Palm Desert, located in sunny Southern California a few miles from Palm Springs where the winters are warm and the style of living is a little slower and relaxed. I am a native Californian, my family having come to California during the Gold Rush in the 1850’s. I have two daughters and four darling little granddaughters, and I visit them as often as I can. I have a passion for family history, and am very dedicated to my church and faith. Bell Design is my fun part-time job, and my real job is a realtor. I love nature and this is
reflected in my many designs of birds and flowers.

A little about Bell Design…

Bell Design is my own etsy shop where
I offer handmade magnet sets and pocket mirrors. Since I’m not a graphic artist myself, I commission etsy artists to create my designs once I have given them an idea of what I want, and I make the items using a button machine. It is great fun and very satisfying to sell these cute magnets and mirrors on etsy and to share them with friends and family. I also sell them at local farmers’ markets and to boutiques around the world.

I named my shop Bell Design since Bell is my maiden name, so you could say that it is named after my family.

Why did you start your business?
My inspiration for my shop was my daughter and son-in-law, Stefani and Mark, who have their own etsy shop, HomeStudio. After seeing their success and the fun they have in creating their scrabble tile pendants, I decided to open my own shop, first offering glass tile pendants, and now the mirrors and magnets.

When did you start crafting?
I began crafting as a young girl, making things at home, at school, church, and in Girl Scouts. But my love for crafting came from my parents, who also taught me to sew. My father was always making things and in his later years he learned to sew and tailor his own pants, shirts, and suits, and made gorgeous square dance dresses and petticoats for my mother. I enjoy making handmade cards and notepaper, jewelry, and in years past did a lot of sewing, knitting, crocheting, and my Christmas gifts were always handmade.

Linda is giving one lucky person their choice of Pocket Mirror from her shop!




Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo Give Away


has an amazing Photography shop on Etsy. Her photos are so clear and the subjects just amazing!

How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business?
I haven't thought of a shop name yet. My husband and I keep brainstorming, but nothing seems to fit yet. But, I started up the shop because a lot of people love my photography and I would love to share with everyone else. I hope to get some good photographs from all over the world. Plus, my husband will be going to Iraq soon, so I need a hobby to keep myself sane.

When did you start doing photography?
I always loved photography over any other form of art. Even since I was little I loved taking pictures. But, I really started getting into it my junior year of high school. I took a photography class and had this really old beat up film camera. But, I loved developing the film and then exposing the pictures. I really felt like I made the picture and worked hard to get the art I created. Now I have a digital camera, which takes some of the fun and work out of it, but I am able to get a lot better quality pictures and I don't have to worry about accidentally getting water in my film while I am developing or not quite getting the right shot.

What's your favorite subject to photograph?
I love taking photographs of things in nature. Things that if someone drove by, they probably would take for granted and not even notice. Some of the locations where I took my pictures, I have driven by multiple times and never really noticed how gorgeous it actually was. And of course, I also love taking pictures of my son. My camera card is 99% him.

What or who inspires you?
I think this one kind of goes along with my favorite subject to photograph. My inspiration is being able to see the beauty in things people around here pass by everyday and don't even notice.

Do you have a day job?
I do have a day job. I am actually in the military. So, as my family and I move around and see the world, I hope to get some really awesome shots of the world to share with everyone.

Do you have any tricks or suggestions on how to take a great picture?
Hmm... Tricks or suggestions ... Well, I guess I would have to say ... Just keep clicking away. Don't ever take anything for granted. I will take hundreds of shots of everything. And every once in a while, you end up with a really amazing picture.

Samatha is giving the winner their choice of photo from her shop! (this is the one I would pick if I could enter and win)



The draw will take place on: November 13 at 10PM Central Time

This is open to US & Canada only!

Good Luck Everyone!!


Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rhoda Rose Chocolate Covered Give Away



Rhoda Rose
has the most amazing chocolate covered goodies I've seen! I just LOVE chocolate covered pretzels!! When Sandy and Jennifer offered to do a give away on my blog I was thrilled!! Just wait till you see the prize! But first more about Rhoda Rose!

How & when did you get started in the business?
My Daughter and I started making Chocolate covered pretzels and lollipops as Christmas gifts for friends and family. We kept adding holidays as the years went by. Halloween is especially fun to make things for! Each year we would add some new item dipped in chocolate. You see it is a passion with us. We started to look at food differently. It’s not long before everything is up for consideration as to what it would taste like dipped in chocolate! LOL! We are constantly looking for something new item to dip! We dip or cover: Rice Krispy treats, Animal Crackers, Oreos, Graham Crackers, Pringles chips, Marsh Mellows and almost every size and shape of pretzel!

What made you decide to have a website?
We were introduced to ETSY. It was very simple to join.

How do you market your business and website?
Etsy a few other places on line. We also sell items in a Hotel Gift Shop. We have our own Basket Show’s a few times a year. This year we were in a few Craft Shows.

What motivates you?
The need to create!

Which items are your best sellers and why?
Seasonal baskets are very popular and the single pretzel rods also sell very fast as well as the lollipops for favors.

Which items do you enjoy making?
I absolutely LOVE making every single thing. I enjoy it all. It is always fun when we have a custom order. We will be given a number of gift items from a client that they want added to the gift basket or tin. It is always fun to see how it all comes together!

Tell us about you, and give us any other info you want us to know.
I have lived minutes from Hershey, PA all of my life. I grew up with the smell of Chocolate in the air!!
Both my daughter and I are very creative . I feel blessed that we found this way to express it. We hope you enjoy our creations!

Rhoda Rose is giving one luck winner this amazing gift basket full of goodies!!
Green metal and mesh tin w/handle. The adorable Scarecrow is on both sides of tin. Sides of tin have flowers and bird cut out. Tin is filled with chocolate covered pretzels and graham crackers. Can be used as a votive holder after the goodies are gone.



The draw will take place on: November 6 at 10PM Central Time

This is open to EVERYONE worldwide!
Good Luck Everyone!!

Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!


Original Painting Give Away by TyeJ

Auroras Garden

You have until Tues Morning to get back to me with your name and mailing address!

is an amazing shop! Tye's paintings are just unbelievable. I was so happy when Tye offered to give away one of his wonderful paintings! TyeJ has been on Etsy since April. Tye is from White Bear Lake MN.

How did you decide on your shop name?
I just used my nickname “tyej” I wish I could change that though.

When did you start painting?
I have always been a painter, my first mural was a ninja turtle that I did when I was 8 years old….

Where do you paint? What does your space look like?
I paint in a spare bedroom at my mothers house, I am very grateful for her to give up a room for me to create my art.

Are there other crafts you would like to try?
ummm, not really crafts, but I am now doing printmaking and I would like to get into screen printing on t-shirts.

What or who inspires you?
My wife is my biggest inspiration, she is my muse. I also attribute my painting creativity to Salvador Dali, who continues to still amaze me.

What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
I am a big sucker for sales on oil paint and brushes.

What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
I really enjoy doing spray paintings, they take little time and are very fun to make. my oil paintings are my favorite medium, but they are very laborious to make, and I get really frustrated!!

Tye will be sending one really lucky person this beautiful painting!

blog post

"Confetti Nuclear Mushroom"

8"x10" inches

This is the fourth painting in Tye's "Nuclear Mushroom" Series.
This Painting is made on canvas board. It has been triple primed with Artists Acrylic Gesso.


This Give Away is open to Everyone Worldwide!
The draw will take place on: October 30 at 10PM Central

Good Luck Everyone!!

Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded. Thank-you for entering!!

Susie Q

Thank-you to Random.org for picking the winner!


The Q Store is the most wonderful shop on Etsy. Susie Q has just the cutest pumpkins, bears, rabbits and ornaments. Susie is originally from Michigan but has traveled extensively and now resides in Florida. She also has a wonderful BLOG where she shows what she is working on, and things happening in her life. But before we see what wonderful prize Susie Q has for one lucky person - lets find out more about her!

How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business?
One year ago I was exploring the idea of opening a shop on Etsy. I had done a few weeks of research about Etsy and its craftsmen and women. One night I decided to just go for it and knew I wanted my shop name to include a personal bit of myself. All of my life I have been called Susie Q and when I first started making my snowmen I called them “Q’s”, for Susie Q creations. It stuck! Now everything I make is a “Q” and my shop name, appropriately, The Q Store. My husband actually came up with the name. Every name I typed in came up already used. It was frustrating. After an hour of this he walked into the room and said “The Q Store”! I typed, and the rest is history. One note, it did not occur to me at the time that on Etsy the information section is called “The storeque”. I have had people mention that to me and wonder if I didn’t plan it that way, to get more accidental traffic in my direction. I did not plan it and I think in retrospect, if I were able to change my shop name I would call it Susie’s Q’s. But, that was taken.

I started my business as an outlet for my creative spirit. I love to create and develop new things. I thought I could go slow and expand as I wanted. This shop allows me to put my heart out to the public and let the wind of criticism blow. My feelings don’t get hurt if someone doesn’t like my style. I get to play with my work and it is fun.

When did you start sewing, who taught you?
I started sewing as a young girl. My mother and grandmother would sew when they needed a new outfit or I did. My mother used to make crafts to sell at craft fairs in the 70’s. She was very good and she taught me to love the business of selling your work. It really is more of a passion to create, than work. They made my Barbie doll clothes and that really got me into it. I got my first sewing machine at 10 years old and loved it to death. I spent hours at the local fabric shops with them, searching for that right pattern and fabric. It was a passion as a child really. I learned from everyone I could ask, about technique and process.

Where do you sew? Do you have a picture? If not what does it look like.
I sew in The Q Room! That is the official name of my craft room. It is a small 10 x 12 room with one window and a vintage dining room table I inherited from my parents as my work table. I made my own ribbon spool holder that hangs on the wall, holds about 75 spools. I have a computer and a tv. I have a bulletin board and a dry erase board with ideas and goals on one wall. I have bins of “Q’s” stacked up and bins of fabric. It is a creative area that allows me to have everything organized and quick at hand. I would love it to be larger, but then what crafts person wouldn’t.

Do you have a day job?
Not right now. I am looking for something that will allow me to have fun and be flexible. I was a retail manager for over 20 years. The joy of selling was in my blood. I think of my shop as my day job now and if it picks up I will keep at it. I really love what I do!

Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
The “Q” I enjoyed making the most is Lil Puppy Q! Actually, I enjoyed making the Bunny Q’s allot too. They seem to have brought more joy to people. I have sold allot of them to friends and neighbors. They are just the right size for little ones to hug and cuddle. Oh, and did I mention they are so “Q-ute”!

The winner gets to pick any one pumpkin from "The Q Pumpkin Patch"!! (the picture below is my favorite!)
Each Q Pumpkin is made from satin and measures 6 x 6 inches around and approx 3 inches high. They are stuffed with fiber fill and weighted with rice pouches to help them sit pretty on your table.



This contest is open to Every One Worldwide!
The draw will take place on: October 23 at 10PM Central time
Good Luck Everyone!!


Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!