Friday, June 4, 2010

Ice Cream

Two weeks ago Ashley from CSN stores contacted me about doing a review/give away for one of their products. They have everything anyone could need for any room in their home! I was checking out the huge selection of Sofas, since it's almost time for us to get a new one. Leather seems to be really popular right now and CSN Sofas has a huge selection to choose from.

I finally decided that I would like to review/give away an Ice Cream Maker!!

Our family loves ice cream, but it's getting quite expensive in the grocery store, and I'm never quite sure what's in it (always forget my reading glasses, LOL). So this will be perfect for us and hopefully the winner will like it too :)
Look for this give away coming soon!!

Do you have a favorite Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt recipe you would like to share? I need some ideas of what to try once the Ice Cream Maker arrives!!



  1. Oh my! We just made homemade ice cream YESTERDAY! I'd love love love the chance to win one of these! Keep me posted. Tim makes a wonderful vanilla/chocolate/coffee ice cream recipe...

  2. That was an awesome choice! Can't wait to see how it turns out for you. I chose a wooden salad bowl...I have wanted one forever!

  3. io adoro il gelato... e non avendo la gelatiera, (mi piacerebbe vincerne una ;-) realizzo il gelato al caffe in maniera molto semplice se vuoi ti mando la ricetta? contattami a goccedioceano2000(at)libero(dot)it
    così te la mando in privato ;-)
    ciao rosa

  4. I can hardly wait!!! We love ice cream and it would be awesome to be able to make it without all the added stuff that the ice cream companies put into it. I used to make homemade ice cream at my parent's house a few times a year when we lived in CA, but since we moved to TN, I haven't. Maybe it's time to buy my own!

  5. 上班好累哦,看看部落格轉換心情~~~先謝謝啦!!........................................

  6. This pumpkin ice cream is to die for!!! It's not too sweet, and just a little spicy.


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