Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fireplace Mantels

A dream of mine is that one day I am going to own a log home with a fireplace or maybe two :) I love log homes and where I live with the really cold winters - a fireplace would be wonderful! Though I think one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom would work wonderfully. I could curl up on a really comfy large chair with a good book in front of the warm fire, or maybe have a nap. Now there's an idea!

One of the great things about a fire place is the fireplace mantel. Just imagine all the decorations you could put on it at Christmas or for any holiday. It's a wonderful flat surface for all my snowmen, candles, greenery etc. I can just see it now, can't you? LOL

Fireplace Mantels has some really beautiful fireplace surrounds. Since my house is a log one I'll go with something a bit simpler, don't want anything to fancy. How does this one look?
Yep - it will work.

The one thing that I'm a little concerned about when it comes to fireplaces is carrying the wood in and where to put it, but they have such wonderful decorative Log Racks I think I could convince myself it's not so bad :) Besides, the smell of the burning wood would make up for the carrying. This one would look great next to my fireplace.

Oh wait - I'd also need a Fireplace Screen! Don't want the future grandchildren deciding to crawl into the fireplace and getting all dirty! Can just imagine what the daughter-in-law will think about that (once I have one). I love the look of wrought iron, so that's what it would have to be. This one is my favorite:
Now all I'll need is a wonderful big dog to lie in front of the fireplace on a hearth rug and we'd be set :) Since my kitchen counter and accents will be green - I think I'll go with this one.

Can't you just imagine it? Well - it wouldn't necessarily have to be a log house - but it is my dream after all :) Do you have a dream house? Does it have a fireplace or two?


  1. I am in my dream home with a pool and fireplace. It also sits on a hill and overlooks a lake(dried up now) and it is a nice view. I just love the fireplace and my dog does too!

  2. Your dream has some similiar thoughts to mine. My husband and I are actually in the process of budgeting, quotes and researchig on building our log cabin (hopefully to get going summer of next year). Right now the plan we drawn up is about 3,900 sq ft, we might slightly downsize but all depends on the finishing (doing a hybrid log cabin) estimate through contractors along with adding price of the property (looking at about 10 acres or so) to make sure we can qualify up to that amount with VA Loan. We are only estimating the qualifying loan based off the amount we qualified with this house, then adding additional amount to it as we would be debt free after the equity in this one helps pay off the vehicles etc. So, it is a working progress with no rushing.

    It would have two fireplaces (actually three in reality I suppose). Inside is a big brick real fireplace big enough to fit at least 4 ft logs into (husband's ideal dream at the moment) and on the back side of it on the outside, is a porch fireplace. They are not an actual dual fireplace because they dont have any ability to be seen through if that makes sense. Then the other fireplace is in our room, which will be a propane/natural gas like we have in our home already that we bought.

    It is something that is very exciting and a nervous wreck at the same time. I say hold onto that dream and not settle for something less that you are not 100% happy with just because of money or because other people say it isn't a good idea. follow your heart and take your time. I think that would be an excellent retirement ideal for you to relax into your golden years one day.

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