Friday, September 3, 2010

Give Away Entries Rant

First - a really big Thank-You to everyone for entering all my give aways and making my blog such a success. The more successful my blog - the bigger/better give aways I can bring you :)

However over the last month, it's been quite a chore picking winner's for the give aways I'm hosting. With quite a few give aways I've had to pick a winner 3-4 times because people are not leaving me a way to contact them.

If you don't leave your email in the comments, or don't have it linked in your profile where I can find it - you can not win a give away!

So PLEASE leave me a way to contact you with each comment you make, or have your email linked in your blogger profile. It will make picking a winner so much easier for me - and you can be contacted if you win.


  1. I'm following you! Great blog.. so exciting!


  2. I hear you. It is sad to let a winner go because you can't reach them.

  3. Thank you for the reminder I sometimes forget to do that....

  4. If we sign in with our google account, you can see it right?

  5. Thanks for all the giveaways you offer. I love them!! I always put my email in each comment just to be sure, I wouldn't want to have to search for the winner either.

    I have a blog, and they are already time-taking..I can't imagine searching for the winners, I post it's a must to leave their email if they want to win.

    Much luv!


  6. I think I put my email addy on each one but I have an eight month old and sometimes I am a bit foggy at the end of the night. I also remember when I first started entering giveaways I didn't know that I needed to leave an email address. There is a ton of information on a giveaway post and it may be easy for a newbie to miss that. Just giving another perspective to help ease the grump. I know it is frustrating and I so so so appreciate all you do! Love your blog and your fantastic giveaways. Have a blessed week :D


Thank you for entering! Good Luck!!