Friday, April 30, 2010

Earth Diva Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Rachel from Earth Diva Cosmetics about hosting a give away for her. You know me - I'm not going to turn down someone who wants to give away a prize to one of my awesome readers :)

Company Information:
Earth Diva Cosmetics carries 100% mineral makeup and quality, cruelty-free cosmetic brushes. Choose from a wide range of loose mineral makeup products: Foundation, Bronzer, Setting Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow and more! Earth Diva minerals contain NO potential irritants such as talc, bismuth oxychloride or cornstarch. All products are Certified Vegan.

There are endless benefits of using natural beauty products such as mineral make-up, including your health. Earth Diva's bare mineral foundation is 100% natural, made from finely milled, pulverized and purified minerals.

There are 20 shades to accommodate the full spectrum of skin tones. And they are
non-drying, provides coverage without irritation. You can pick everything from Light, Medium and Dark skin tones.

Many women assume that bronzer is a product they can "live without". However, bronzer is an amazing make-up tool that offers versatility that many people are unaware of. For a beautiful and natural glow, apply Earth Diva bronzer to cheeks, chin, nose and across forehead.
Check the link for all the different ways you can use bronzer!

Setting Powder:
If your new to the world of mineral make-up, your probably wondering what setting powder is. Made from the lightest minerals and clay, setting powder feels more light and "silky" than other forms of mineral cosmetics. Earth Diva has 4 shades to accommodate any skin tone. Earth Diva's loose mineral setting powder has several purposes.
Go HERE to see the many uses of setting powder.

Earth Diva blush provides cheeks with a natural, beautiful glow. We have a wide selection of colors- matte and lustrous. Can be applied to the lips as well. There are many different shades to choose from. Everything from Pixie to Copper!

Eye Color:
Earth Diva offers a wide variety of mineral eyeshadow colors. Whether you prefer a matte, luster or shimmer finish, you're sure to find a shade of eyeshadow for any occasion. Our mineral eye colors provide amazing versatility! Wide variety of colors, lustrous or matte. Versatile and long lasting.
Go HERE to see the different colors!

Earth Diva Cosmetics also carries a wonderful assortment of Brushes, they have great Starter Kits if you just can't decide what to start with, and many Samples & Supplies. Plus with every $45 order you get a really cute Earth Diva Tote!!

Win an amazing $55 Mineral Make-up Prize Pack from Earth Diva Cosmetics!

The prize will include:
1 Mineral Foundation, Bronzer or Setting Powder
1 Mineral Blush
2 Mineral Eyeshadow
3 Brushes: Kabuki, Multi-Purpose and Eyeshadow

this give away is closed

Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Alexa's Angels Give Away

Since having babies I haven't been wearing jewelry other than earrings. But there are so many amazing jewelry shops on the net - it's getting really tempting :) I have found one necklace that I will definitely be wearing.

Alexa's Angels is the most amazing jewelry shop! When I was given the opportunity to review and product and do a give away - I was thrilled! Of course picking an item to review/give away wasn't that easy :) They also sent along their 2010 catalog for me to drool over! I was amazed at the beautiful jewelry, but also at the affordable prices! Anyone can afford something from this company, that either you or the person you purchase it for will treasure.

The company has three unique fashion-forward accessory lines offering something for everyone:
Alexas Angels is a inspirational jewelry line meant to inspire heartfelt emotion. The line offers many unique gift options including necklaces, bracelets, and angel pins for moms, grandmas, aunts, teachers, and loved ones.

posi+ivi+y is a meaningful collection of bracelets and t-shirts, embellished with plus signs, as a wearable reminder that attitude is a choice and positivity is contagious.

Emma Rose is our NEWEST line which will be launching in early 2010. Emma Rose consists of fashion-forward necklaces, bracelets, ring, hobo handbags, and satin sashes chosen for their unique combination of floral patterns and vivid use of color that can be layered together.

Proud to be a company with a social conscience, the all-woman team at Alexa's Angels is dedicated to creating, finding and supporting programs that benefit women. Their mission is to be a great example of how a socially responsible company can make a difference.

They have amazing Bracelets with wonderful inspirational words on them. They also come in Sterling Silver, or you could get a braided Friendship Bracelet! What about a gold one? There are just so many to choose from. This one is my favorite:

They have a wonderful Hearts Connected collection. You get two necklaces in a gift box. They are themed so that you keep one and the other goes to a Friend, or maybe your Sister, or my favorite (if I had a girl) would be the Mother/Daughter set. This would be an amazing Mother's Day Gift - it is almost here!

Alexa's Angels has the most extensive assortment of necklaces - there are just so many to see! I can't even begin to tell you about them all, but I really really liked the Many Hearts collection. They are reversible with wonderful words and are silver w/gold. So I picked one of the necklaces from this collection to review and give away!

Win this amazing Many Hearts Many Angels Necklace from Alexa's Angels!


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Elegant Rose Boutique Give Away

I'm not sure how I found Melissa's shop. But I can truthfully say that Elegant Rose Boutique has some of the most lovely soaps and lip balms on Etsy, because I have some! :) Her Almond Vanilla Lip Balm is good enough to eat! She also has a couple of options for Soap of the Month Clubs and a wonderful Sampler Bath and Body Set that I just saw! Looks like I'll be shopping here again soon :)

*Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.
I live in the beautiful state of Michigan where we raise our large family.

*How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business?
I have always loved roses and wanted a name that represented that love.
I started my business because my daughter had such great success with her etsy shop(Dollcloset), so I decide to give it a try. I'm having a lot of fun doing something I love to do.

*What or who inspires you?
I have a dear friend who always inspires me and cheers me on.

*What do you like about being a seller?
I love meeting and getting to know the wonderful people on Etsy and beyond.

*What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
Currently my supply addiction would be essential oils and the wonderful butters to create my body butters.

*If you had time to learn any other craft/art - what would it be?
I've dabbled around in many other crafts, I think I've found the ones I enjoy the most, sewing, quilting, card making and creating bath and beauty products.

*What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy spending time with my family, horseback riding and reading. I especially enjoy talking with my children and learning as they learn.

*Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
I really enjoy creating my soap as each batch can be very unique, with my own touches of creativity.

*Are there other places on the net we can find you?
Facebook -
Twitter -

One winner will receive a body butter, 2 bars of soap, a bath bomb, a lip balm and a body spray in their scent choices: a $30 value!


this give away is closed


Lip Balm Give Away


Do you use lip balm? I do every day 24/7 - 356! Dry lips annoy me to no end. Can't stand dry lips! Of course this means that I have an endless supply of lip balms in every jacket pocket, purse pocket, on the school bus, in the truck, every room in the house etc. I am not exaggerating - just ask my husband! In fact he says he never has dry lips because he gets enough lip balm from kissing me :)

You would not believe how many different lip balms I have tried over the years. Trust me - all lip balms are not made equal! Some are to soft, some are to hard, some have really strong flavor, some have none. Then there are the ones that make your lips feel like they are covered in wax, and some brands only last a few minutes, then you have to re-apply. But the lip balms at My Lip Stuff are just right.

My Lip Stuff's ultimate mission is to end the suffering of people with chapped lips all across the land. In the process, we strive to end animal testing and save the environment with chemical-free natural products!

Is this a tall order? Absolutely. But we are dedicated- and are willing to start small. If we all do our part our combined efforts will make a big impact on the future of the planet, & just maybe we'll find a cure for something-- even if it is just chapped lips!

My Lip Stuff's products are NEVER tested on animals & contain natural (from the earth) ingredients that are skin loving. Our products do NOT contain any harsh ingredients- and NEVER contain petroleum or mineral oil! We also do what we can by using recycled (and recyclable) materials whenever possible, and even using "green power" (power from renewable resources such as wind, water, or landfill gases-instead of oil).

In the end, We strive to create a natural product made from only the highest quality ingredients, with the least amount of impact on the environment and its inhabitants, for the lowest possible price.

There was no way I was going to turn down the chance to review/give away some lip balms from My Lip Stuff. I was so happy they didn't ask me to choose 3 flavors - it would have been impossible. They have the longest list of flavors I have ever seen. There are 500 Flavors to choose from. They are also divided into groups - if you like Mood Balms, or maybe you would like to try some Tinted Gloss, or the section I think my husband would really like are the Booze Balms! Might get more kisses then usual :)

Can't forget to tell you about their Lip Balm of the Month Club. Just imagine - every month you get a wonderful new surprise flavor! They aren't just about lip balms any more. You can also purchase Body Butter Sticks, My Smelly Stuff Sprays & More, Whipped Body Butter, My Bath Stuff Salts & More, stuff for Men, Kids or even stuff for Fun in the Sun! The possibilities and choices are endless!

I was sent 3 lip balms to try:
Wedding Cake - smells exactly like a fresh baked white cake
Maple - makes me long for pancakes w/maple syrup
Raspberry Lemonade - LOVE raspberry! (actually my son grabbed this one)

These are some of the best lip balms I've come across. They feel wonderful and last a really long time. The lip balms are $2.50 each, but if you pick your own 6 pack you will get the 6 lip balms for only $13! (plus shipping) Now the only thing you have to worry about is which 6 of the 500 flavors would you like :) Good luck!!

One winner will receive a surprise 6 pack of Lip Balms from My Lip Stuff!!




Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary of this product by My Lip Stuff, for review and giveaway purposes. No monetary compensation was provided and opinions of the product are solely my own.


Beautiful Earring Give Away

Etsy has some of the most amazing jewelry shops. Flaming Bling is one of those shops! Phrannie has some of the most colorful and bold necklaces and earrings I have seen. What a wonderful imagination! She is also one of the most interesting people I've featured!

*Where are you from?
I'm originally from Puerto Rico (born and raised) though many people have a hard time believing that since I have no accent, and I look like my British father. At that point, I simply show off my bubbly Latin booty as proof of my heritage, and if that fails to convince, then I simply get pissed off - and believe me nobody blows their top as loudly and memorably as a Puerto Rican! If all this fails, I simply invite them for a drive - and trust me, you haven't seen your life flash before your eyes so fast until you've driven with one of us behind the wheel! We like to keep things exciting. It's a cultural thing.

*How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business?
My shop name went through several incarnations, until I realized a couple of years ago that I am really a gay man trapped inside a woman's body, and all my designs pretty much proved it. I have been flaming forever, and I wanted my store name to capture that in all of us. Let me be clear, I love being a chick - it's a constant gender-based superiority complex (no offense, boys - you're still so very cute)! It just dawned on me that deep down inside I am really a drag queen - I love big! I love sparkly, glitter, rhinestones, sequins! I love color, boldness, loudness! Subtlety is an art I don't often delve into, but it's an exercise in changing my perspective, and I do make those efforts. I've been blinging for about a decade now, completely self-taught. And just like my inner gay man, I am constantly in need of decorating and improving the tastes and fashion sense of all those around me! It borders on the OCD spectrum, really.

*What or who inspires you?
I'm inspired by funky music, by the fashion industry, by the random strangers in the street that speak to their own personal styles. I try to understand why others make their own style choices (clothing, hair, makeup, etc) to get new ideas as to how others see themselves. What are they communicating about themselves? What did they take the time to do today to express themselves for others to see? As an actor, and a designer, it is my passion to understand the nuances and motivations people have. It shows in everything they do - you just have to look!

I LOVE making custom jewelry for people - what I usually ask is for someone to tell me a little bit about themselves, and from there I create! I'm very good at it, if I do say so myself. Not so good with the modesty aspect of things, though...

*What do you like about being a seller?
I love hearing how much other people appreciate my creations. It makes me sparkle on the inside! My creations are my babies, and mamma always wants to know they are making the world a happier place when they are no longer in my care!

*What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
My favorite gemstone to work with is chalcedony, because it glows when the light hits it! If I were a semi-precious stone, that would be me! This last year I've also developed quite an obsession with sequins for jewelry - they are very delicate to work with, lightweight so they don't weigh you down, and they are so shiny and sparkly and iridescent. Only good can come of that!

I love also copper toned wire. It gives a lovely contrast to the colors I work with, while at the same time blending in nicely with every skin tone. Don't get me wrong, I love gold and silver and brassy tones, but I find that they distract from the person, and are usually more about the pieces themselves, and NOT so much about the piece in relation to the wearer. My hope is to make people look more awesome, not just to create awesome pieces that stand alone. It's a symbiotic relationship, my bling and my customers! I fully expect every single one of my buyers to get compliments whenever they wear my creations. My work is not complete until the flattery begins.

*Do you have a blog?
I do! It can border on the snarky, politically incorrect, or offensive side, I must warn. What can I say, I live in New York City, it rubs off. I've been mistaken for a NYC angry native more than once - which I find flattering, honestly. It makes sense, though, there's so many Puerto Ricans here anyway...! I don't post on my blog often, but when I do, I try to at least make people laugh. I believe laughter can save the world, especially when things are sucky. It hits the same happy tickle spot that makes us all feel fabulous on the inside (it's like glitter for your soul). Seriously, though, you think if people could have a sense of humor about themselves, they wouldn't be so quick to dismiss or hate others for their differences. Hilarity is a sign of intelligence - the lack of it is more of a psychological-problems calling card.

*What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy?
At this time, I don't have a "real job" - at least, I'm not under someone else's salary. A lot of self-sacrificing moms rarely are. But I work very hard and kick a lot of butt! I spent many months last year preparing to sue the NYC Board of Education to get my autistic son into a good school. Which I did! So though I didn't earn a paycheck, I did get the Board of Education to shell out nearly $77,000 for my monkey's tuition. And I am about to do it again for next year! Someone's got to tell The Man to stop pissing off the Puerto Rican Woman, already. It'll cost 'em.

When I'm not being supermom, I am either in a theatrical production, trying to get into one, or applying/auditioning for paid acting work. I'm currently performing in an Off-Off Broadway production of the play "W;t", which is a funny, yet strong story about a woman battling ovarian cancer. It's a great cast, a great play... and if you're in Manhattan, it's at Nicu's Spoon Theater, 38 W. 38th Street, 5th floor till the end of April!

And lastly, I'm looking into getting a Master's in Social Work so I can do family/relationship/alternative lifestyle/OCD and impulse control disorders counseling. I've been a support for so many people for so many years, and for so many reasons, to consider doing counseling as an actual career was a totally "d'uh" lightbulb moment for me this year. I'm thinking of starting my grad school application with "This is the essay where it is actually OK to admit you've been in therapy your whole life, right?"

*Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
Oh honey, if I didn't thoroughly enjoy making each piece in my store, I would never have listed it! I just went through my inventory again and every single piece makes me disturbingly excited. I couldn't possibly pick a fave. I will admit, though, that creating complex wire-work, such as my cocktail rings, or the big sequin earrings, or the hoop pendants... well, that's just a wire junkie playing in her candy store!

*Are there other places on the net we can find you?
All my locations:

One lucky person will get to pick one pair of Earrings from the ones shown, as the prize!


the descriptions are as follows:

1. green & blue freshwater pearls. copper toned wire, 1.25" long
2. dark blue & magenta purple freshwater pearls. copper toned wire. 1.25" long
3. iridescent red mother of pearl shell, metallic purple hex glass beads. copper toned wire. 1.5" long
4. faceted glass beads in brown, metallic light pink foil, soft purple, tan glass rounds, and a caramel freshwater pearl. copper toned wire. 2.75" long
5. tourmalinated light green quartz rounds, faceted mint green chalcedony, faceted light yellow and green glass, and green freshwater pearls. copper toned wire. 2.5" long
6. pink swirl glass, faceted mustard yellow glass, and freshwater pearls of buttery rich yellow, deep plum purple, and light mauve purple. copper toned wire. 2.75" long

this give away is closed


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hand Stamped & Hand Painted Ceramic Bead Necklace

And the winner is: PAINTEDLADYFINGERS!!

Lauren Nicole Jewelry & Gifts
has some of the most amazing jewelry I have seen. So when I was given the opportunity to review and give away one of their newest items I was thrilled! But before we get to that - let's see what else they have to offer :)

Do you need something for Mother's Day? They have amazing choices that any Mother or Mother-in-law would love. They have amazing personalized pendants, some with birthstones added. I think my favorite though is the Hand Stamped Stacked Circle Necklace. (PICTURED ABOVE)

They carry a wonderful selection of Gifts for Men, you know how hard they are to buy for! You can choose from personalized money clips, lighters, key chains, golf ball markers and more. They also carry an amazing selection of Hand Stamped Silver Jewelry, Bag Tags & Charms, Wedding Gifts and way more! If you need a personalized gift for someone special - this is the place to go! Don't forget to check out their Holiday Gifts! I know that Christmas is far away - but they have the cutest Personalized Ceramic Snowman Ornament! You can never have too many snowmen!!

I was sent this amazing necklace found under the Ceramic Gifts section. There are 19 different color combination's to choose from! Well - Red is my favorite color so that's the one I picked, and they engraved my name on it too :) I absolutely LOVE it!!

The necklace comes with delicate chain that lets the pendant be the focal point. I couldn't wait to take it out and wear it :) Isn't it wonderful?
(have you any idea how hard it is to photograph something round?)

Lauren Nicole Jewelry & Gifts will be sending one person their choice of Hand Stamped & Hand Painted Ceramic Bead Jewelry! The winner gets to pick the color and what they would like engraved on it.



Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary of this product by Lauren Nicole Jewelry & Gifts, for review and giveaway purposes. No monetary compensation was provided and opinions of the product are solely my own.


Bungalow Bath & Body


Really - if I was smart - I would quit hosting give aways for B&B products!! Every time I host these give aways I want to buy something! You would not believe the amazing bar soap and whipped soap that is in
Bungalow Bath and Body! There are so many amazing scents to choose from: If you love coffee - Mocha Latte Coffee Whipped Sugar Scrub, if you are into fruit - Juicy Pineapple Natural Shea Butter Soap, what about Raspberry Lemonade Natural Glycerin Soap! Ok - I have to stop now - you will have to check out all the other amazing soaps on your own :)

Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am currently from Wyoming, right on the Colorado border and close to the mountains. I have lived a little bit of everywhere from Hawaii to Canada, but have been in Wyoming the longest, so I call it home. I'm married with a 6 yr old and 11 month old that keep me busy!

How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business?
My husband and I went through so many names before deciding on Bungalow, I think it took us longer to decide on a name for the business than it did to name our kids -lol! Bungalow was started from me trying to find a soap for my family that would be more gentle, our skin can get really dry because of our long, cold winters here. I had so much fun making different products and started getting requests from friends and family, before we realized it we had a business going.

What or who inspires you?
My family ~ I come from a long line of entrepreneurs in many different areas of business and talent. My kids also inspire me everyday to learn new things and to take chances, this is something I forgot how to do somewhere along the way while being a "grown up".

What do you like about being a seller?
It's great to be a seller of your own products, meeting new people and hearing feedback on the things that you make are very rewarding for me. I've learned alot from others in the Etsy community, it's a great place to be.

Do you have a favorite scent?
My favorite scent right now is a toss up between fruit smoothie and raspberry lemonade, they both smell good enough to drink and capture the scents perfectly.

What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
My addiction is to scents - I just can't have enough of them, I have several I haven't even made anything with yet, but I still order more.

What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy?
When I'm not making bath and body products it's full on mommy time and spending time with my family. With the warmer weather on the way - I hope - we will be spending most of our time outdoors. I also enjoy reading and watching movies with my husband.



Winner receives 2 bars or soap and a 2 oz jar of whipped soap/sugar scrub soap in their choice of scent!

Here are the Rules to enter the Give Away.
Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each Entry!

* For the first entry - Go to: Bungalow Bath and Body

This Give Away is Closed!!

Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!


Gooseberry Patch Cookbook!


Cooking is one of the things I really like to do - cleaning up after cooking - not so much :) Luckily I have a husband that likes to try new foods, and we raised the boys to be the same. We will try anything once. So you can imagine the amount of cookbooks and cooking magazines I have. Well, actually you might not imagine quite big enough :)

While browsing the net I found this wonderful site with some really great looking cookbooks!
Gooseberry Patch has way to many cookbooks for me to mention here, but I'll tell you about a few. They have cookbooks for Autumn cooking, cookbooks dedicated to Canning & Preserving, two wonderful looking cookbooks for Kids cooking, and some that I've been really looking at are the cookbooks with Slow Cooker recipes! There are just so many cookbooks - you will have to go see them for yourself.

I was given the opportunity to review and do a give away for one of their new cookbooks Dinner's on a Dime.

Had to take the picture of it standing up because as soon as I got home, I grabbed a bunch of paper clips, sat down on the couch and started going through the cookbook. After my first pass through I had almost 20 recipes marked that I wanted to try right away :) Each recipe is on it's own page, is easy to read and uses ingredients that you would have at home or that are easy to get at the local grocery store and not to expensive. Luckily the cookbook came on a Wed. so I had the whole weekend to try a bunch of the recipes! I remembered to take pictures of them so I could show you and tell you a bit about them.

The first recipe we tried was the Cream of Broccoli Soup. YUMMY!! I had tried to make Broccoli Soup before, but it was quite green and the family didn't think soup should be green. This soup is creamy but not green :) We all really liked it and I will definitely be making this one again.

I made the Cheesy Batter Bread to go with it. You have to understand about me and bread - I have never been able to make it from scratch! It was always really short and as hard as a brick. Even my Bread Machine couldn't help me most of the time. But I thought I would try this recipe and see what happened. IT WORKED!! The bread was really light, fluffy and yummy! Another keeper recipe!

Oh - at the end of quite a few recipes are tips for cooking. At the bottom of the bread recipe was this tip:
A convenient place to let yeast dough rise is inside your microwave. Heat a mug of water on high for 2 minutes. Then remove the mug, place the covered bowl of dough inside and close the door.
I did just that it was worked wonderfully! There are many many other really great tips throughout the book.

Recipe #3 that we tried was the Cheesy Chili Dogs. This is all done in the slow cooker, one of my favorite kitchen appliances! I made this on Sat. morning for lunch, knowing that we would be outside all morning cleaning up the yard after the snow finally melted. It was so nice to come inside to smell the chili and know that I didn't have to do anything but set the table! Another recipe we will definitely be doing again! Doesn't it look yummy? All you need to add are the buns and whatever condiments you like.

Recipe #4 was a dessert. This one is called Graham Cracker Deluxe and it's so light, yummy and super easy to make. There are only 4 ingredients, it takes about 5 minutes to put together, let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and WaLa! you are the greatest mom in the world! The recipe calls for vanilla pudding, but I'm going to try it with lemon or maybe chocolate sometime.

The last recipe we tried on the weekend was the Italian Mini Meatloaves. These are also easy to make and use very few ingredients. We enjoyed them but I would do them a little differently next time. But if your family loves meatloaf as much as mine - you will really like this recipe!

So over all I'm really really happy with this cookbook and will definitely be looking at getting more from Gooseberry Patch. I love the fact that the cookbook is a hard cover and very durable. The recipes are easy to read (almost without my reading glasses) and the cooking tips are wonderful! If you have time - also check out the section of their site all about Organizers. You can also register to join their site and share a recipe. If they pick your recipe for a new cookbook - you get a copy of the cookbook! Needless to say - I will be sending a few of our favorite recipes :)

You can also find Gooseberry Patch on:
Twitter and Facebook.
In fact - Gooseberry Patch has a promotion right now on their Facebook page. Go HERE to become a fan and sign up for the promotion!

One lucky person will receive their own copy of Dinner's on a Dime just in time for Mother's Day!



Audrey's Country Crafts is in no way responsible for the mailing of the prize. After the name is drawn I will contact that person. They have 3 days to respond before another name will be picked! The name and address will be forwarded.
Thank-you for entering!!

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary of this product by Gooseberry Patch, for review and giveaway purposes. No monetary compensation was provided and opinions of the product are solely my own.