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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Many people have been asking where to advertise their give aways for free. I've had a little help in finding some of these blogs/sites, but most of them I've found by searching. Please help yourself to the list!! If you find another blog/site that is not posted here, please let me know and I will add it.

Good links
Really good links
Must list blogs/sites

If you only have time to list at a few site - Please list it at these sites! They are my favorites :)

Blog Giveaways give me crafty Free Handmade Giveaways
(must be handmade)

Free Listings of Online Giveaways


Big List of Give Aways

Etsy Give Aways

(must be handmade)

Contest Listing

(must be open to Canadians)

Online Sweepstakes


Sweepstakes & Contest List Directory

Great Blog Giveaways

Must be $25+

Gift Cards Only


Ongoing Linky's! DDDIVA OSGS blog button Giveaways4Prizes Utah Coupons

Connie's View



If you have a linky on your blog - or want to find out where there are other linkys and enter give aways - check out this new site:

Find My Giveaway Linky at Post Your Giveaway Linky's


Sunday Linky's:

Let's Just Give It Away Mommy's Free Time LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! Still Blonde After All These Years My Backyard Eden Red Letter Sunday

5 Minutes for Mom

Enter Online Sweeps

Raffle Dog


Monday Linky's:

Photobucket Survey Junkie OurKidsMom Photobucket Mommy Only Has Two Hands

Tuesday Linky's:

Cakeblast: A DadBlog Featuring Reviews and Giveaways Outnumbered Banner Frugal and Fabulous Grammy Janet's Place All About Giveaways Tuesday Showcase Sisters Live Laugh Love and Bloggings Photobucket In Good Cents


Wednesday Linky:



Thursday Linky:

Mom's Misc Adventures Photobucket ToBeThode Seeryus Mama button
BWS tips button Photobucket


Friday Linky's:

Create your own banner at! A Hen's Nest Blog Button
The Crafty Nest
Photobucket Table for Five Photobucket Photobucket Review Retreat

Rachel's Reviews & Giveaways


Saturday Linky:

The Mommy Diaries happily_blended_button JANBbutton TCBOTB button1 Mama to 3 Hot Mom Tips Powered by

Not So Average Mama


Great blogs with a long list of places to advertise give aways:
My Blog button Mom's Misc Adventures Grammy Janet's Place Eighty MPH Mom Blog Utah Coupons Let's Just Give It Away Photobucket Extreme Personal Measures Photobucket


(tuesday linky)

I'm Just Your Average Mom (Sunday Linky)
Alicia's Reviews and Give Aways
A Renaissance Woman (Friday Linky)
A Contest Blog
A Blog of Goodies (Sunday Linky)
A Hens Nest Clutch of Blog Give aways (linky)
All in a Mom's Life (Linky)
All Things Bloggy
Autism Learning Felt (Linky)
Arlana's Corner
Blog Give Aways
Blog Contest Station
Blog Aways
Blog Sweeps
Bonggamom Finds (Friday Linky)
Bloggy Treasures
Baby Loving Mama (Thursday linky)
By Hand Giveaways
Bargain Briana (Friday Linky)
Blogfully (Wednesday Linky)
Bearable Deals
Comfort Joy Designs (Sunday Linky)
Contests for Moms
CanContests (Linky - must be open to Canadians)
Canada Mom Deals (must be open to Canadians)
Canadian Give Aways
Contests 4 Mamas
Contest Girl
Contest Corner (Saturday Linky)
Coupon Geek (Sunday Linky)
Copper Brick Road (Wednesday Linky)
Catch the Drift (Friday Linky)
CI Give Aways (Linky)
Chic Give Aways (Linky)
Deal Seeking Mom (Linky)
DK Mommy Spot
Design Baby (Wed. Linky)
Double Prizes
Dimes 2 Vines (Monday linky)
Dore's Diaries (Tuesday Linky)
Delightful Chaos (Mclinky)
Daily Essentials and Deals (Saturday Linky)
Dealectible Mommies (Wednesday Linky)
DIY Monday (on left sidebar)
Etsy Give Aways
Eighy MPH Mom (Linky)
Extra Ordinary Mothers (Thursday Linky)
Flying Giggles and Lollipops (Friday Linky)
Free Blog Give Aways
Gobs of Give Aways (Monday Linky)
Give Aways 4 Mommy(Saturday Linky)

Go Graham Go (Thursday Linky)
Great Deals Everywhere (MckLinky)

Give Away Cafe
Harvest for Tomorrow (Sat/Sun Linky)
Healthy Moms (Monday Linky)
If Mama Ain't (Wednesday Linky)
International Give Aways (Must be open to Everyone!)
I Could Use a Deal (Wednesday Linky)
I'd Rather Be Changing Diapers (Wednesday Linky)
Ice Fairy's Treasure Chest (MckLinky)
J Leigh Designz (Wednesday Linky)
Jabbering Jessi (Weekly Linky)
Keeper of the Cheerios (Linky)
Katydid and Kid (Saturday Linky)
Kiddie's Corner Deals (Linky)
Live Give Aways
Laura Williams Musings
Lantina on a Mission (Linky)
Look What Mom Found (Sunday Linky)
Loads of Freebies (Linky)
Life, Love, Yarn
Mom's Take on Things
Misplaced City Girl(Sunday Linky)

Mama of 3 Munchkins (MckLinky right side)
Mom Give Aways
My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings (Monday Linky)
Mom Fuse (Linky)
Mother 2 Mother
Moomette's Magnificents (Linky)
Mom Made That (Linky)
MMK Money (Monday Linky)
Mommy's Money Cents (Tuesday Linky)
Midday Escapades (MckLinky)
Moms Most Wanted (Wednesday Linky)
Mommy 23 Monkeys (Tuesday Linky)
Mommy Gaga (Monday Linky)
Mrs. Nespy's World (Tuesday Linky)
Mud Bug (Friday Linky)
Mom of 3 Boys (Tuesday Linky)
My Blogs 4 U (Linky)
Mom Contests
My Four Monkeys (Monday Linky)
Online Sweepstakes
Only Free Stuff Here (MckLinky)
Out Numbered 3-1 (Tuesday Linky)
Ohana Mama (Monday Linky)
Piece of Me (Thursday Linky)
PB and Pickels (Friday Linky)
Reviews and Give Aways (Linky)
Smart Cents Mom (Wednesday Linky)
Shawn Ann's World(Tuesday linky)
Seeryus Mama (Thursday Linky)
Sweetie's Sweeps
The Give Away Diva
The Shopping Mama (Thursday Linky)
This Bird's Day (Must be Open to Canadians)
Top Pick Give Aways (MckLinky)
Tattooed Dork (Wednesday Linky)
The Give Away Gallery
The Contest Hub (Linky)
The Freebie Blogger (Sunday Linky)
The Sits Girls (Sunday Linky)
Thrifty and Chic Mom (Linky)
Therapeutic Reviews (Wednesday Linky)
The Frugal Kennedy's (Linky)
Two of a Kind (Tuesday Linky)
The Suburban Jungle (Monday Linky)
The Nurse Mommy (Linky)
Wee Finds (Wednesday Linky)
Words from a Busy SAHM