Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Many people have been asking where to advertise their give aways for free. I've had a little help in finding some of these blogs/sites, but most of them I've found by searching. Please help yourself to the list!! If you find another blog/site that is not posted here, please let me know and I will add it.

Good links
Really good links
Must list blogs/sites

If you only have time to list at a few site - Please list it at these sites! They are my favorites :)

Blog Giveaways give me crafty Free Handmade Giveaways

(must be handmade)

Free Listings of Online Giveaways


Big List of Give Aways

Etsy Give Aways

(must be handmade)

Contest Listing

(must be open to Canadians)

Online Sweepstakes


Sweepstakes & Contest List Directory

Great Blog Giveaways

Must be $25+

Gift Cards Only


Ongoing Linky's!

thegiveawayangel.blogspot.com DDDIVA OSGS blog button Giveaways4Prizes Utah Coupons

Connie's View



If you have a linky on your blog - or want to find out where there are other linkys and enter give aways - check out this new site:

Find My Giveaway Linky at Post Your Giveaway Linky's


Sunday Linky's:

Let's Just Give It Away Mommy's Free Time LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! Still Blonde After All These Years My Backyard Eden Red Letter Sunday

5 Minutes for Mom

Enter Online Sweeps

Raffle Dog


Monday Linky's:

Photobucket Survey Junkie OurKidsMom Photobucket Mommy Only Has Two Hands

Tuesday Linky's:

Cakeblast: A DadBlog Featuring Reviews and Giveaways Outnumbered Banner Frugal and Fabulous Grammy Janet's Place All About Giveaways Tuesday Showcase Sisters Live Laugh Love and Bloggings Photobucket In Good Cents


Wednesday Linky:



Thursday Linky:

Mom's Misc Adventures Photobucket ToBeThode Seeryus Mama button
BWS tips button Photobucket


Friday Linky's:

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! A Hen's Nest Blog Button
The Crafty Nest
Photobucket Table for Five Photobucket Photobucket Review Retreat

Rachel's Reviews & Giveaways


Saturday Linky:

The Mommy Diaries happily_blended_button JANBbutton TCBOTB button1 Mama to 3 Hot Mom Tips Powered by BannerFans.com

Not So Average Mama


Great blogs with a long list of places to advertise give aways:
My Blog button Mom's Misc Adventures Grammy Janet's Place Eighty MPH Mom Blog Utah Coupons Let's Just Give It Away Photobucket Extreme Personal Measures Photobucket


(tuesday linky)

I'm Just Your Average Mom (Sunday Linky)
Alicia's Reviews and Give Aways
A Renaissance Woman (Friday Linky)
A Contest Blog
A Blog of Goodies (Sunday Linky)
A Hens Nest Clutch of Blog Give aways (linky)
All in a Mom's Life (Linky)
All Things Bloggy
Autism Learning Felt (Linky)
Arlana's Corner
Blog Give Aways
Blog Contest Station
Blog Aways
Blog Sweeps
Bonggamom Finds (Friday Linky)
Bloggy Treasures
Baby Loving Mama (Thursday linky)
By Hand Giveaways
Bargain Briana (Friday Linky)
Blogfully (Wednesday Linky)
Bearable Deals
Comfort Joy Designs (Sunday Linky)
Contests for Moms
CanContests (Linky - must be open to Canadians)
Canada Mom Deals (must be open to Canadians)
Canadian Give Aways
Contests 4 Mamas
Contest Girl
Contest Corner (Saturday Linky)
Coupon Geek (Sunday Linky)
Copper Brick Road (Wednesday Linky)
Catch the Drift (Friday Linky)
CI Give Aways (Linky)
Chic Give Aways (Linky)
Deal Seeking Mom (Linky)
DK Mommy Spot
Design Baby (Wed. Linky)
Double Prizes
Dimes 2 Vines (Monday linky)
Dore's Diaries (Tuesday Linky)
Delightful Chaos (Mclinky)
Daily Essentials and Deals (Saturday Linky)
Dealectible Mommies (Wednesday Linky)
DIY Monday (on left sidebar)
Etsy Give Aways
Eighy MPH Mom (Linky)
Extra Ordinary Mothers (Thursday Linky)
Flying Giggles and Lollipops (Friday Linky)
Free Blog Give Aways
Gobs of Give Aways (Monday Linky)
Give Aways 4 Mommy(Saturday Linky)

Go Graham Go (Thursday Linky)
Great Deals Everywhere (MckLinky)

Give Away Cafe
Harvest for Tomorrow (Sat/Sun Linky)
Healthy Moms (Monday Linky)
If Mama Ain't (Wednesday Linky)
International Give Aways (Must be open to Everyone!)
I Could Use a Deal (Wednesday Linky)
I'd Rather Be Changing Diapers (Wednesday Linky)
Ice Fairy's Treasure Chest (MckLinky)
J Leigh Designz (Wednesday Linky)
Jabbering Jessi (Weekly Linky)
Keeper of the Cheerios (Linky)
Katydid and Kid (Saturday Linky)
Kiddie's Corner Deals (Linky)
Live Give Aways
Laura Williams Musings
Lantina on a Mission (Linky)
Look What Mom Found (Sunday Linky)
Loads of Freebies (Linky)
Life, Love, Yarn
Mom's Take on Things
Misplaced City Girl(Sunday Linky)

Mama of 3 Munchkins (MckLinky right side)
Mom Give Aways
My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings (Monday Linky)
Mom Fuse (Linky)
Mother 2 Mother
Moomette's Magnificents (Linky)
Mom Made That (Linky)
MMK Money (Monday Linky)
Mommy's Money Cents (Tuesday Linky)
Midday Escapades (MckLinky)
Moms Most Wanted (Wednesday Linky)
Mommy 23 Monkeys (Tuesday Linky)
Mommy Gaga (Monday Linky)
Mrs. Nespy's World (Tuesday Linky)
Mud Bug (Friday Linky)
Mom of 3 Boys (Tuesday Linky)
My Blogs 4 U (Linky)
Mom Contests
My Four Monkeys (Monday Linky)
Online Sweepstakes
Only Free Stuff Here (MckLinky)
Out Numbered 3-1 (Tuesday Linky)
Ohana Mama (Monday Linky)
Piece of Me (Thursday Linky)
PB and Pickels (Friday Linky)
Reviews and Give Aways (Linky)
Smart Cents Mom (Wednesday Linky)
Shawn Ann's World(Tuesday linky)
Seeryus Mama (Thursday Linky)
Sweetie's Sweeps
The Give Away Diva
The Shopping Mama (Thursday Linky)
This Bird's Day (Must be Open to Canadians)
Top Pick Give Aways (MckLinky)
Tattooed Dork (Wednesday Linky)
The Give Away Gallery
The Contest Hub (Linky)
The Freebie Blogger (Sunday Linky)
The Sits Girls (Sunday Linky)
Thrifty and Chic Mom (Linky)
Therapeutic Reviews (Wednesday Linky)
The Frugal Kennedy's (Linky)
Two of a Kind (Tuesday Linky)
The Suburban Jungle (Monday Linky)
The Nurse Mommy (Linky)
Wee Finds (Wednesday Linky)
Words from a Busy SAHM


  1. Bloggy Finds would be happy to include anyone's giveaway on the site. Just shoot me an email (jeanilynne at gmail dot com), let me know about your giveaway, how you would like it worded or if you would like me to word it myself. Oh, pls don't forget to include the URL of the giveaway.

    I will put it in a post as well as on the blog giveaway list located on the left sidebar where it will stay until it expires.

  2. Woah, this is amazing.

    Thanks for doing all that leg work and for the heads up! Wooohooo! :)

  3. Oh, I do a linky on Saturdays on my main blog too.

  4. I have a linky on my blog that I update monthly.

  5. I have a Linky on Wednesday at Smart Cents Mom. I would love to be on your list. Thanks!


  6. Thanks for adding me to your list! Great list!

  7. I would like to be added to your list! Thank you so much for doing this for everyone!

    I am giving away a free glass mystery pendant necklace (worth $5) for everyone who makes a purchase of $15 and over. Its a mystery... kind of like a fortune cookie you wear around your neck!


  8. Oh I just realized that you are not advertising giveaways here but making a list of places that advertise their giveaways at other places! Even better! Sorry about that... but still... thanks for making the list! You don't need to add me to your list after all. Ha ha! I need to drink more coffee.

  9. I would love for you to add my blog to your giveaways list!

    Julie's Journal http://www.juliesjournal.com

    Thanks so much, what a great list you have!

  10. Audrye, Thanks so much for adding A Hen's Nest to your list! I'll add a link back to this list in my Linky Post :)

  11. Thanks for adding me to the list Audrey! What a great list you have going. I will definitely bookmark this for future reference. Thanks!

  12. Hi Audrey, I accidentally deleted my Hen's Clutch post so started a new one! Can you change the url link for Hen's Clutch of Blog Giveaways to http://ahensnest.blogspot.com/2009/11/hens-clutch-of-blog-giveaways_28.html ?
    Thank you so much! I love your list :)

  13. Hmm, I think all the turkey this weekend has gone to my brain! The correct and permanent link is http://ahensnest.blogspot.com/search/label/Clutch%20of%20Giveaways
    Thank you!!

  14. I linked your list at my blog. Thank you Audrey for compiling this amazing list!

  15. Thanks for including me in your list! Much appreciation!

  16. Hi Audrey, thank you so much for this amazing list!
    I just added a linky to my blog too (footer)

  17. Hey Aubrey. I love your list. My new site has a linkey. I appriciate it. http://letsjustgiveitaway.blogspot.com/

  18. Quite the extensive list here - I'll be sure to check this out when I'm ready to up the ant yon my blog with a huge giveaway....

    Thanks so much! Kerry

  19. Thanks so much for this great list!!

    So helpful!

  20. Miss Audrey, I can't thank you enough for your time and talents! Wonderful of you to have this for people like myself who really have no one to ask or depend on for this type of information. Thank you!

  21. Thanks for adding my blog to the giveaways list.


  22. Wow this is so awesome I'm just doing my first giveaway at Spa Around the World so I'll be doing some contacting tonight! Candy

  23. I also have a linky on my site that you can post on Saturdays and Sundays for the upcoming week giveaways.

    Please add my blog to the list! And, thank you! :D

    Amy at Harvest For Tomorrow

  24. Hi there,

    I'm hosting a tool giveaway.


  25. Thanks for including my site 'Life's a Charm!' and linked it to my submit form. I was hoping you list my link as All Things Bloggy for consistency! Thanks!

  26. http://couponmommyof2.blogspot.com/

    I blog here with giveaways

  27. Great list! I also have a review blog with lots of giveaways. At http://www.growingababyreviews.com

    And I have a Tuesday linky for everyone else's giveaways as well.

  28. Thanks for sharing this- On Thursdays I have Mcklinky list with giveaways
    My blog is http://www.1princeand3princesses.blogspot.com

  29. You can report to my blog your giveaway, if it is open to italian readers: http://fata-azzurra.blogspot.com/2010/01/il-mio-blog.html

    You can also use the Week end giveaway: http://fata-azzurra.blogspot.com/search/label/week%20end%20giveaway


  30. I love your Blog !
    My blog is ;http://Groovybabyblog.blogspot.com

  31. This is incredible!!! Thank you so much! I am hosting my very first giveaway and this is perfect!!! Thank you again!

  32. I have been looking for this information for a long time - PERFECT!!

  33. I have been looking for a site like this foever!! Thanks to Ronit at International Giveaways for leading me here and THANK YOU!!!

  34. I have just started an ongoing giveaway linky @ http://www.mythriftybarn.blogspot.com

  35. This is truly a wonderful gift - thanks so much for doing a tremendous amount of work so that we can be gifted with your efforts! You saved us a boat load of work. Many, many thanks!

  36. Hi Audrey,

    Thank you so much for including The Giveaway Gal as a Must List site!

    It makes me very glad when others enjoy my site as much as I do :-)

    Thank you!!
    ~ Sharon / The Giveaway Gal

  37. I would love to add my blog to your giveaways list.


  38. Such a helpful list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  39. I am now doing a Wednesday linky on my blog!

    link to the first linky:


  40. Could you list my "Add Me" linkys here as well? it's more of a resource for bloggers to build up a following on sites like twitter and youtube! Here's a link to one...


  41. I'm having a giveaway right now:

  42. thanks for listing my site for giveaways. i also have a spot where you can list your own giveaways http://wordsfromabusysahm.com/submit-a-giveaway/ come join us

  43. Thanks for including Great Finds and Giveaways! Great Resource and helpful!

  44. i just started a monday giveaway linkup

  45. Hi Audrey! I will be running a giveaway linky every Friday on The Crafty Nest: http://www.thecraftynest.com

    Please add me to the list :)

  46. Thanks for adding me to your list! Look at all the hard work you put into this... YOU ROCK!

  47. OMG !!! What a list - you're awesome Thanks !!! : )

  48. Thank you for putting my giveaway link up on your blog.

  49. Could you add me to your list? I have a giveaway linky on Sundays:


  50. That is one heck of a list! I have to sit down one day and go through it... lots of work! Thank you :)

  51. wow! that is one comprehensive list :)

  52. Thank you for creating this wonderful list for all of us who love to give away things we've made.

    Much love! :)

  53. Thank you for letting me know about your blog! I really needed a hand with my give away.. hopefully now it will work!

    I hope someone wins those cute baby shoes..

    Thanks again!
    Bianca from http://www.biancaleblanc.com

  54. Thanks for such an AWESOME list! could you please add me to your links over the next couple of days?

    I am having a QUICKIE giveaway... Hoping to get ideas for a poster to hold at a production of Good Morning America!

    The PRIZE is a cookbook, Southern Living's Busy Mom's Weeknight Suppers. Contest runs from today until Wednesday, July 21st at midnight. Winner to be announced on Thursday, July 22nd.

    Entry information is at my website: www.menumakermom.com

    This is my first giveaway, so I'm basically "winging it"!!!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Leslie, aka Menu Maker Mom

  55. Great list! Thank you so much for adding my site!

  56. I just added a new giveaway linky to my site - I'll be doing a new one every month!


  57. Love your site!

    We do a weekly giveaway linky also over at Society of Socialpreneurs!

    We do All About Giveaways Tuesday!

    Please feel free to stop by at http://www.societyofsocialpreneurs.blogspot.com

  58. Would it be possible to move The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! to Saturday? I usually don't get it posted until LATE Friday night and I don't want people to miss it if they come by early Friday. Thank you so much!

  59. Thanks for adding me Audrey!! *huge smile*
    I visit your blog pretty often. I already listed my 3 giveaways here with you!


  60. I have a linky on Tuesday that I'd love for you to link to. You can use the standard button on my website with the link http://mrsnespysworld.blogspot.com/search/label/freebies

    (sorry, I tried to post the entire button code with link here, but it won't let me do so in the comments!)


  61. Thanks for the great resource! Come list your giveaways OR add your linky to our mega linky list!



  62. I have a Sunday linky. Could you post in your awesome list!? http://raffledog.com/sunday-sweeps/. Thanks!

  63. I'd love it if you posted my giveaway link. Thank You so much!


  64. WOW, what an awesome list.
    Thanks so so much for this, you are the best!! :D


  65. The Diaper Baker has an ongoing linky on our blog and would love to be added to the list!


  66. Thank you very much for listing my giveaway linky :)

    Sweepstake Lover

  67. If you have a handmade item that you are giving away, visit:


    where you can use a simple form to have your giveaway listed!

  68. Thanks for the Linky List! I'm a new GFC Follower of yours!

    I have a Sunday Linky to add to your list:
    Thanks for the Linky! I'm a new GFC Follower and Facebook Liker of yours!

    $uper $avin' Momma

    $uper $avin' Momma

  69. Wow, amazing list!

    I link giveaways related to children's literature here:


    There's an image you can grab there too.

  70. Great list! I have a blog where I post giveaways I find that are open to Canadians and might be of interest to fellow parents:

    Would love it if you get a chance to stop by and list it. :o)

  71. I would love if you would add my link to your list.

    Every Thursday over at Maple Leaf Mommy, I co-host the Canadian Friendly Giveaway Link-Up.

    The giveaways can also be open to the US or even Worldwide, as long as Canadians can enter.

    Here’s a direct link:

  72. Thank you so much for all of these :)

    Just stopping by to let you know that I got a new
    email address so I am now subscribed via havingfunblogging@gmail.com
    and I unsubscribed with mrsphilipswithonel@gmail.com
    I didn't want you to think I stopped reading :)

    Having Fun Blogging

  73. I have a giveaway linky! I would love for you to post on it and I'd love to add you to my blogroll as well!!


  74. thanks for the information mate.. its really useful..


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  76. I put one up on Tuesdays! http://www.twoofakindworkingonafullhouse.com/search/label/got%20giveaways%3F

  77. Hello! I do Thursday Linky's every Thursday:


  78. hi I do have the Free Giveaway digital scrapbook Software posting right now. At http://artpetit.blogspot.com. I'd like to try to have more after all. Please be supportive {i'm a new blog} :)
    Love to follow your blog and thanks for lovely infos.
    mio ox

  79. Hello!

    Thank you for maintaining this list of giveaway linkys. Will you please add mine? I host Thrifty Thursdays on CashBackMama.com. The url is http://cashbackmama.com/wordpress/category/thrifty-thursdays/.


  80. Fabulous list of giveaway linkies and listings sites. Was wondering if you would be able to ad mine to your list as well. Its at http://linkiescontestlinkies.blogspot.com

    Its an always open 24/7 Giveaway linkie for both Canadians and Americans.

    Thanks so kindly
    Kevin from Linkies Contest Linkies

  81. Here is a new place to list blog giveaways. http://giveawaylisting.wordpress.com/

  82. I have a "fill out a form"/ongoing giveaway linky athttp://www.armadasartcorner.com/giveaway-corner.html

  83. this is my blog, please view it


  84. http://www-advertise.blogspot.com

  85. Can you add my Linky Site
    update all the time..

  86. On Wednesdays, I have a blog giveaway link up on Cha Ching Queen. It’s gotten pretty popular. Please feel free to add it to your list.

    thanks, Rachel

    Win it Wednesday Blog Giveaways Link Up – http://www.chachingqueen.com/tag/win-it/

  87. I would love it if you added my Funday Monday Giveaway Linky! I can send you the code for the button if you'd like


  88. Sweepstakes Mama is great! http://www.sweepstakesmama.com

  89. Hello Audrey! If you could add my site to your list I would be very greatful!

    I Give U Get Giveaways http://igiveugetgiveaways.com


  90. brand new blog listing giveaways http://thegiveawayalley.blogspot.com/

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    Linkies Contest Linkies

  93. Hey!

    I am doing a week of Etsy giveaways on my blog - beebeebisous.blogspot.com
    Stationary, gold and silver jewelry, custom stamps, and more! Would love to see more traffic and entries :) Come check it out!

  94. I have a link party on my blog


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  98. You can add Freebies, Contests, Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Tech Bargains and Deals here: http://gizmorati.com/forums/

  99. I didn't know that permanent giveways exist ?


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