Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eye Glasses

Do you wear Eyeglasses? I do, had to start when I was just over 40 years old. When reading my arms just weren't getting long enough :) I love to read so I knew I would have to get something. But picking a frame wasn't as easy as I thought.Glasses USA has some really wonderful frames to choose from. Wish I'd had the variety at the Optometrists that they have here. You can get your prescription glasses from them in these amazing frames, the selection is endless. My husband also wears prescription sunglasses, and Glasses USA has those too!! I found out that they also ship to Canada - might have to show this to Brad.

When I was picking out my glasses I really wanted the rimless kind. However they convinced me not to get them. I only have to wear my glasses for reading, so I leave them all over the house - they aren't as strong as rimmed glasses, so the worry was I would break them. Maybe they were right. The glasses I do have seem to have legs though. They are never where I leave them :) And I have two pair! I think they talk to each other and decide where they are going to hide next.

Do you like the glasses in the photo's? These are a few of my favorites. I was looking for glasses with either green frames or red ones - have to pick my favorite colors after all :) If you are looking for prescription eyeglasses you really should check out Glasses USA. I'm convinced they will have a pair you would really love.

All my visitors have the chance to purchase a pair at 10% off!
Just add the code mommy10 when prompted at purchase. Also be sure to join their Facebook fan page at: http://www.facebook.com/GlassesUSA.


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  1. Why not try GlassesShop.com? They are not just functional but they are equally stylish! These are not only good for your eyes but for your budget as well.


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